The RTS or Royal Television Society’s yearly awards are chosen or decided by a balanced juries that includes professionals in media, and a distinct juries for the individual categories or classes for the different awards such as the Programme Awards, Craft and Design Awards, Educational Television Awards, Television Journalism Awards and the Innovation Awards. Each of the group of awards is done by its very own distinct ceremony, it is usually made in the few first months of a year. The regional centres of the Royal Television Society also have their own ceremonies in giving an awards.


The society holds seminars and meetings every day. The seminars and meetings were attended by the associates of professionals and public television industry that are coming from different places. During the seminars and meetings, the people who attended it have the chance to explore and exchange ideas, and debate about certain some topics. The society also publishes a magazine television every month, including the comprehensive range of topics in television. The Royal Television Society Awards are recognized internationally as a hallmark for originality and quality.

For almost over 9 decades, the Royal Television Society provided United Kingdom a main platform that can be used for debate about the future development of television. Its events, publications and lectures make a very important contribution to the developing practice and raising standards of television. The Royal Television Society usually organizes dinners together with some very influential speakers, monthly sessions about current issues and lectures. The Royal Television Society’s utmost profile event is called as the biennial Cambridge Convention. Its other noticeable events also include the yearly Shoenberg, Huw Wheldon and Fleming Memorial Lectures, those are brought by television figures that are high-profile.

The leading on monthly broadcasting policy and television issues in United Kingdom, are distributed to the members of the society free. There are also separate Royal Television Awards events that covers the television journalism, programme making, crafting and designing, students, innovation and education. Large percentage of the conventions and dinners of the Royal Television Society are oversubscribed. Individual and patron membership allows the members of the society to the advanced booking and to the priority applications.

Each of the 13 numbers of regional centres of the RTS in United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland centre that can be found in Dublin provides a combination of technical, craft and program events for their members. Royal Television Society is also an educational charity program that embraces all the features of the television. The educational charity program includes the broadcasting, professional consultancy, creative community, development and research, equipment manufacture, design, satellite, journalism, cable, interactivity and video. The Royal Television Society only relies its society’s future based on all the contributions or donations of their corporate Patrons, individual members and to the hard works of all their volunteers.


Royal Television Society was founded in the 7th day of September 1927 and is first known as The Television Society. It is first created when the television is still on its stage of experimentation. Royal Television Society as the place of meeting for the engineers in television and scientists, and also served as the very first record chart for television. It also documented the best ground-breaking work of John Logie Baird. For over 40 years, Royal Television Society held everyday meetings all over the country in which the lectures were showed on the newest technical progress of the receiver of the television. The importance or significance of the lectures showed was being acknowledged with an outstanding awards coming from different television companies. The awards received have grown and become the ultimate key feature in terms of the work of the Royal Television Society.

In late year of 1960s and in the early year of 1970s, Royal Television community evolved from including in one of the engineers to a programme makers. The Royal Television Society widened to become a forum that is independent by hosting a regular symposium in every topical subject in which members that are coming from all the different companies of television will come together and talk about the topic. In fact, symposium still continues these days as the important focus for communities in terms of television.

The archives of the Royal Television Society’s document started from its history in the year 1927 until today. It serves as the sources for the members and the historians that are researching or studying the different aspects and details in the history of television. The archives of the Royal Television Society include a written, audio visual and photographic material that is related to the history of the society. Most of it is kept off site in stores; however, it can be seen or accessed with a reasonable notice. The archives of the Royal Television Society are open for all, including the members, academic researchers and the non-members of the society. There are no charges needed for you to see all the collections of archives, but there are charges involved for the reprographic services.

In addition of answering the inquiries and maintaining all the archives of the society or RTS, the Archivist of the Royal Television organizes an application for Shiers Trust, it is a yearly research award that are given for the television history and represents archives and history group of the society. The Royal Television Society was given its Royal names in the year 1966, and the society’s current is the HRH the Prince of Wales.

Royal Television Society

The Royal Television Society or commonly known as RTS, is one of the informative charity for discussion and is an analysis of TV in all of its forms, present, future and past that is based in Britain. It is also one of the eldest television society around the world and is considered as the Britain’s top forum for the television and other related media. The membership in the Royal Television Society is open for everyone who are attracted to the medium. Currently, RTS have 14 national and regional centres in United Kingdom, it also have branches in Canada, United States and in Republic of Ireland.

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